A Boda Boda Rider forcefully taken for a bathe by his colleagues

Written by on November 6, 2023

A boda boda rider was Forcefully Bathed by His colleagues in public for failing to bathe for a long time.

A group of boda boda riders this morning forcefully took one of their colleagues identified as Byaruhanga Sudaisi bathing at Kijungu Washing Bay.

It is alleged that Sudaisi has taken long without bathing and yet he is a boda boda rider attached to the Pentorgon stage in Masindi town.

After several warnings from the Chairman of the boda boda stage and his colleagues, this time round they decided to take action and warned all other boda riders to desist from such a character because it spoils the image of all boda boda riders.
After bathing him, one of the boda boda riders sponsored him to get a haircut in one of the salons in town.

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